PF2104 Profile System Perfilstone

PF2104 Profile System Perfilstone is a profiles system, made of aluminum 6063 / T5, which connecting element with the cladding is a profile, also made of aluminum, for grooved stone. Recommended for any kind of support, it helps to solve irregularities on it. For horizontal joints, the system is completely hidden. It allows installing pieces of different dimensions. Recommended for facade configurations with continuous or offset joint patterns.

Steps to order profile systems PF2104:

  1. Click on the elements.
  2. The product will appear.
  3. In the product, choose the measurements and units that are right for you.
  4. Add the product to the cart.
  5. Return to this page to choose the next element of the profile system.
  6. When you have all the elements go to the cart and finish the purchase.

PF2104 Profile system Perfilstone consists of the following elements:

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PF2104 Profile System Perfilstone Data Sheet 

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